Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer garden time!

It’s high summer time at the Darland homestead. That means that we’ve been spending a lot more time in the back yard recently, planting stuff and harvesting stuff. The herb garden has exploded. Ashley commandeered my office closet to use as an herb drying station, so now every time I sit down at my desk I’m greeted by the smell of drying basil, cilantro, and parsley. We let the cilantro go to seed -- cilantro seeds are the same thing as coriander, don’t you know -- and so some of those are hanging up in there, too. Then there's the basil we're not drying, but freezing. Ashley’s been working hard on turning bunches of it into pesto, of which there's three different kinds in the freezer already.

Today we also harvested our first red tomatoes. We’ve been chomping on cucumbers for weeks -- the vines have gotten enough of the garden and keep heading out into the grass -- and our pepper plant looks like it might finally wake up and flower again. We even pulled out the sweet peas that sheltered the killdeer this spring and replaced them with butternut squash. The vines are only just now starting to come out of the ground.

Between our garden and my new grill (that I've been using at least three times a week to make hot dogs and hamburgers) this summer has been a great time to stay home and enjoy the sunshine together.

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